This week, I focused on two subjects. Illustrating and Editing.

Although I missed Monday, I caught up on Tuesday by working on my illustrations for my project. I am using a technique I discovered last year which entails drawing over an image on Photoshop only using black ink and then removing the image and being left with your drawing. I have included my work below.

To say that this method takes a lot of time and patience would be an understatement but I really like the end product I get when I use this technique.

I also worked on editing one of my pieces this week as I mentioned before. I (mainly Greg) edited my 5 page story down to 3 and a half which I was satisfied with. I spoke to Celia who said that my story length was fine so I am hoping to include it fully in my work.

I definitely found the editing part difficult as I found having to condense my work down and removing details could lower the quality and it would end up not making sense.

I hope that my illustrations will add to the tone of my work and make it more aesthetically appealing.

Unfortunately, the computers weren’t working most of Tuesday which was extremely irritating but luckily I was able to finish the illustrations throughout the week.

Tips for Editing

I found this website really helpful when editing. It helped me take away unnecessary clutter without compromising quality.