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The Walk Proposal

What was your chosen area and why?
I have chosen Kings Woods in Challock, Kent for My Walk. I chose this area because I used to come here often as a child, every other day sometimes. I would come here with my Dad to walk our dog and over the years, I began to familiarize myself with the route to the point of knowing it like the back of my hand.

As a child, I was always slightly paranoid in those woods. Always looking over my shoulder, sticking close to my Dad who brushed my suspicions off as an ‘overactive imagination.’ I believed him. Until I began to research this place.

A history dating back to 445 AD, this place is far from short on stories. A bunker used in World War 1 to the living site of the Romans, I chose this area because the real history inspires my writing.

What theme are you using?

I am mainly focusing on crime and ghost stories. I find these the most interesting to read as well as the most interesting to write. I think that writing ghost stories about this place will be really interesting as there are so many different paths I could take with it. What can I say, some parts of Kings Wood could make even the bravest man cry for his Mother. I also want to write some crime pieces on the place as there used to be an old wives tale about a group of kids that would go up there to plot. Plot what? Everyone has their own theory.


What is your style of writing?

My chosen style of writing will focus on articles. However, I do have a rough draft of an article that includes police report like features. I would like to make it look like an actual police report as I feel would it would fit the topic. I wanted these stories to be as believable as possible and I felt that writing a story with dialogue from a protagonists eyes would not give off the realism I wanted.


What are your aims and objectives of your map?
With this map, I really wanted people to take notice of Kings Wood and appreciate it for what it is. It is not very well known to today’s generation and I want to bring more people to appreciate the beauty of the place, albeit slightly creepy.

Who is my target audience and why?
I have a wide target audience in mind. Age wise it would be 16-40 as I feel that interests are not inclusive to age. Gender is not specific either. It is mainly aimed at those who love mystery and crime.

What is the overall style of your piece?
My overall style is a mystery/thriller using articles to provide the most realistic feeling possible. I want to bring this place to life and make people invested.

Generally, what would you like to include in your piece?
In my piece, I really want to include little references that you would find in real police reports/crime documentaries etc. I want to include images and real locations as well as take inspiration from similar real life events. For a ghost story, I will research documented ghost sightings and old legends. I want to write about missing children so I will research cases such as those of Madeleine McCann and Jonbenet Ramsey respectively. Characters in my pieces will be based on real people.

What visual elements would you want to include and how would you implement them? 

In this piece, I want to include images of the characters and the environment. I will try to include police evidence photos if I can but I am not sure how I would be able to create those, however, I will look into it. If this is not possible, I will still include whatever images I see appropriate for the story.


Technical: How would you make this piece interactive, visual and audio based?

For my piece of work, I plan to add audio pieces relating to the story. For example, my crime piece will include the audio of the 999 call. My piece on the myth of genetically modified soldiers could include a log recording of doctors talking about their subjects.

As for the visual aspect, I want to include crime scene photos for the crime piece to add to the feeling of the piece. I also want people to visualise in their heads what they are reading. I want them to imagine the discarded bullets lying on the ground, I want them to imagine people going missing with no explanation. I want people to see it as if it was actually there.

Whilst my piece may not be interactive in the touch screen sense, I want people to become invested in my stories. I was them to become caught up in them. To me, that is what interactive really means. Interacting with your audience.

What creative problems might you need to overcome in audio, interactive and visual and how will you propose to do that?

I may encounter a few issues regarding visual and audio issues. The audio may be a problem as I may not be able to find the right voice to create the atmosphere wanted. However, to overcome this, I will have to keep looking until I find the right person.

Regarding the visual aspect, there may be photos I want to use that I won’t be able to regarding copyright issues. If this issue arises, I will keep looking for photos, contact the photographer or create my own.

Madeleine McCann– Missing child

Jonbenet Ramsey– Murdered 6 year-old pageant queen (Unsolved)

History of Kings Wood


Research Article Evaluation (Leasa)


Research Profile Article (Leasa)

Is there freedom in freedom of speech?


With the mass of hate crimes on the rise, it’s no wonder the term ‘freedom of speech’ is becoming a more common phrase. Does discrimination count of freedom of speech? Is England too picky regarding freedom of speech? Do other countries have it better? Or worse? Depends on your definition.

Homosexuals have been outcasts in the Western World for centuries. The constant target of hate crimes and shootings, the most recent being the shooting at gay nightclub Pulse in Orlando, Florida in June of this year.

But what about in the East? Some think that the West is Best, especially regarding acceptance of others that are ‘different.’ But what if the East is more accepting?

Well, if you’ve been wondering, the West is far more accepting regarding homosexuality than its Eastern counterparts.

At least that’s what most people think.

In the West, hate crimes are still a rising problem yet in many Eastern countries such as India, Somalia and Mauritania, to say a few, it is illegal to be homosexual. That’s not even mentioning Sudan, Nigeria and Afghanistan where homosexuality is punishable by death.

So if you were planning on going to any of these countries as a gay man or lesbian, you might want to rebook your holiday. I hear Spain’s nice this time of year.

But what do you think?

Why do different countries differ so much in their views on homosexuality?

I think that in places like Saudi Arabia, it’s a very religious country and they feel how they do due to religion.’- Holly Spinner, 17.

‘They’re very orientated around religion so I think that has a big impact.– Amber Ingleton, 16.


However, some disagree.


‘I think, really, one person makes the law and if one person does not like the way something is, people are controlled by fear. It draws them to one way of thinking.’ Joanna Marshall, 16.


After talking to several other people, it was decided to create a survey to gather people’s opinions on a larger scale.

Out of the participants, 84% believe that the West were more accepting than the East. 80% also said that they believe England is more accepting than other countries regarding homosexuality.


Yet, homophobic hate crimes rose 147% in the three months following the Brexit vote compared to the former years figures for those months.

Well done, England.

For a country belonging in Great Britain, we’re not very deserving of it.


With people’s minds changing everyday on once taboo subjects, generations to come will hopefully have less of a mould to fill and be more accepting of those who were once seen as ‘stains of society.’


One day, the phrase ‘freedom of speech’ will not be used when someone is being called out for being discriminatory.


May that day be soon.







(Adam Lusher, 2016. Independent UK. ‘Homophobic attacks rose 147 per cent after Brexit vote.’ Last accessed: 08.12.16.)

Max Bearak, Darla Cameron, 2016. WashingtonPost. ‘Here are the 10 countries where homosexuality may be punished by death.’ Last accessed: 07.12.16

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