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Media Production

Week 3 (Greg- Showing VS Telling, Filming)

Showing VS Telling

For this task, we were to convert the following text from ‘telling’ narration into showing.

She answered the phone and gave her name. She said she did not take cold calls and that she regarded them as an invasion of privacy. She added that she was especially not interested in double-glazing.’



The shrill ring of the phone echoed around the room, bouncing off the cream walls. Picking up the phone, she placed it to her ear, “Hello?”

The caller, who said his name was Bob yet had a very strong Indian accent, began a scripted speech about double glazing and how he could offer her a discount but for today only. Rolling her eyes, she hung up, her patience quickly diminished.

Show, don’t tell:

Rewrite the following lines


He felt tired.

His eyelids kept dropping, the dark circles beneath his eyes becoming more prominent. His days with minimal sleep were catching up with him.


She loved him.

He was her everything. Her eyes would light up at the mere mention of his name.


They loathed one another.

Venomous words were spat as pure hatred shone in their eyes.


The children were bored.

Letting out a heavy sigh, the eldest leant his elbows on the desk. His gaze swept the room, taking in the other children who looked how he felt.


Grandmother came home drunk.

The smell of whiskey was strong on her breath, her granddaughter could smell it from the other room. The stumbling woman knocked into the sideboard causing her younger relative to groan at the sound.



Watching two short films without dialogue:

First Film

Theme: Greed

Character needs: To get out of his job that he hates

Plot: A man hates his job. The printer he is using makes a mistake and provides him with a piece of paper that has a black circle on it, the circle is an opening. He starts by using it to steal a chocolate bar but by the end of the film, he uses it on a safe. He then climbs inside to get more money but the paper falls and he is locked inside.

Visual Symbols:

Use of colour: Dull colours in the office to signify how he hates his job.

Use of sound: No music. Sound is to show his frustration.



Second Film (Cargo)

Theme: Horror, Desperation, Strength, Love, Hope

Character needs: To save his daughter

Plot: In a zombie apocalypse, a man fights to make sure his daughter survives

Visual Symbols: A lot of body language, plus dialogue is written on his daughter’s body.

Use of colour: A lot of earthy tones to make it feel more realistic

Use of sound: Nature sounds, baby crying


Third Film (Memories)

Theme: Sadness, Grief

Character’s needs: To remember his life

Plot: A man with dementia is trying to remember his life.

Visual Symbols: Photos in book are disappearing, signifying his memories

Use of colour: Colour is used during his memories

Use of sound: Slow song to provide a more emotional reaction


Screenplay layout:

INT/EXT- Place/Location- Day or Night

Description of scene: Where? Describe place; who is there? Describe characters, feelings needs and wants, why they are there, time of day.

INT. Office- Day.

A box-room office. One desk occupies most of the space. The walls are pallid and brown.



Our next task was to write a script, storyboard, beat sheet and a synopsis for a short film with no dialogue about loneliness. I started our by writing out our script ideas:


  • A teenager is next to a group of friends but is left out all the time, then shown in the same set up but different scenes. Last shot, the teenager isn’t there anymore and the group don’t notice.
  • People are being paired up in class but one teenager is always left out.


We then wrote out the synopsis of our chosen idea and the story board:



The film starts with a teenager looking at his reflection, his face is unreadable and he takes a breath. The next shot is teenagers sitting at a table and they are all pairing up but he is left alone. The kid then eats alone with his headphones in. Next shot is people working together but the teenager is left alone, struggling with his work. He then goes to put his hand up to ask for help but hesitates and puts it down. Shots are then repeated without the teenager.


Our storyboard (really bad quality, sorry! Will try and get a better version)


Once we had the visual ideas, we wrote our script.

College toilet, a TEENAGE GIRL staring into a mirror at 8:50AM class starts for the day. The TEENAGE
GIRL sighs and shows little emotion.
Classroom full of students looking towards the teacher at 9:40AM. TEENAGE GIRL from earlier is
sitting alone. Other students turn away from the TEENAGE GIRL to begin group work, leaving him
At 12:45PM Students are eating lunch in groups together, while the TEENAGE GIRL eats his lunch
alone away from other groups. A group of students can be seen joking and laughing together in the
Same classroom from earlier in the day at 2:20PM. TEENAGE GIRL is struggling with class work alone,
other students seen helping each other. TEENAGE GIRL clutching his head in frustration.
The TEENAGE GIRL then hesitates to put his hand up and get help on his work, deciding not to in the
end and continue struggling.
A day after, same class as the 9:40AM class previously. Students continuing to work in groups as
yesterday, not noticing the disappearance of the TEENAGE GIRL.

The students eating lunch at 12:45PM are in the same place as yesterday, but with the TEENAGE
GIRL not being present to eat lunch.

Same class as the 2:20PM class from the day before. The TEENAGE GIRL is not present for this class.
After a few moments the TEACHER of the class realizes the TEENAGE GIRL’s absence and begins to
speak in a puzzled manner:

Where is Joanna?



We filmed in several different locations to achieve the shots we wanted. One issue we ran into, however, was the post production editing stage. After arranging all of our clips on Premier Pro and adding our backing track, we tried to render our work to export it. However, a few of the clips would not render. We then asked for help from our tutor who was also unable to solve the problem. After some frantic googling, we still couldn’t figure out what to do so we ended up exporting it as it was. Better to have something than nothing.

Another issue we had was practicality. Some scenes we put in the script we either weren’t able to film due to the wrong time frame or it just didn’t translate well in real life.

The task was really interesting and creating the film was both fun yet stressful. I feel like I learnt a lot not only as a writer but as a potential film maker. If we were to make another film, we would definitely invest in a better camera and take more time in editing and writing. However, for the time span we had, I think we did well.



Children’s Resources

Kids resources presentation finished 2



Evaluation of task:

Through task, we focused more on TV shows compared to books as that is the medium that children are currently into. Researching popular pieces of children entertainment gave us an insight into what makes children pay attention.

In this task, one of our strengths was our teamwork. We were able to work well as a part of a team, our ideas were both different and the same but we always worked together on them. I feel that we were able to get the most out of this task because we worked well as a team.

One of our weaknesses was that we didn’t explore more mediums. Whilst we did choose to explore more TV Shows/Movies as it was more appealing to kids, we still could’ve looked more into books, comics etc. Although the current generation is more visually driven, books still play a large part in their development and we could’ve researched that more.


Week 2 (Greg- Unit 9)

‘Characters are like the seeds and the story is the tree that grows from this seed. The light that comes through the canopy enables things to grow around and beneath.’

This week, we worked on creating character profiles. We looked at paintings and images and were given the task to write a story about them. We began by looking at a painting by Brian Eno.brian eno

We started by writing about the characters physical appearance and his profile which you can find below.

Grey eyes that held a lifetime of wisdom for someone so young. His once thick, wavy hair was now almost non-existent, one of the side effects of stress. A large nose with slightly uneven nostrils sat on the centre of his face, surrounded by wrinkles of varying depth. He didn’t look his age of 26. His lopsided jaw contributed to his already beaten features.

When I first saw this piece, my eyes were immediately drawn to the brownish colour by his ear. In my interpretation, I saw it as blood and that made me think he was shot. This then lead me to write a piece about a soldier during the war.


Pained cries could be heard from every direction, echoing around the field. Every couple of feet, either a landmine had exploded or a bomb had been dropped, adding to the already immense terror. Men of all ages, some just lying children who wanted to fight for their country, were being tortured, both physically and mentally. Nothing was as emotional scarring as hearing your brother scream in agony as his legs had been blown off.


I really enjoyed writing this piece as I was able to delve deep into my imagination and write a complex piece. I enjoyed being able to interpret features in my own way and I feel that as a writer, this will help me int he future.



We then looked at a painting called ‘In the dancehall’ by Isaac Israel.

in the dancehall.jpg


It wasn’t spoken about. Not at that time. But it was something that everyone in that hall was forced to confront.

In the centre of the extravagantly made up hall was two women. Dancing.

After months of hiding their love from their respective husbands, they had finally had enough. Glasses shattered as they hit the floor.

Yet one man remained stoic, his eyes fixated on the pair. No one knew his name. He wasn’t found in the guestbook.



With this piece, the first thing that caught my eye was the man in the background. I believe that the reason he stood out to me so much was because of how his face was painted in a different style, plus his face was the only one fully showing. I thought that this could be a subliminal message. For example, in the TV show Pretty Little Liars, the plot focuses of a group of girls who are getting blackmailed and tortured by an anonymous person. However, when it is finally revealed it was one of the main characters twins, people began to realise that on the promotional poster, the actresses face was the only one showing both eyes whereas the others had one of their eyes covered.




Knowing your audience


Taking a piece and changing its genre.

For this next piece, we were to take a piece of writing and rewrite it in a different genre. I took an article and made it into a fictional style dramatic piece. I chose to rewrite it as this genre as I felt it would work well and could lead into further writing.

Original: KM Website, Daughter Kadey Wood was kept in isolation at Meopham School for dyeing hair.

Changing genre to fiction.

The bell rang as students shuffled through the corridors. Eyes still half closed, their bodies not used to the early mornings once again. Through the sea of heads, one in particular stood out. That of Year 8 student, Kadey Wood whose hair now held a lilac tint. The second she had walked onto the premises, teachers had clocked her. Hushed whispers were spoken across the playground as news quickly spread to Suzanne Dickinson, head teacher of Meopham School.



Target Audience Research (Celia)

Kids target research


Evaluation of task:

For this task, I created a visual mood board to inspire my work. I found that this helped me to visualize aspects of my project.

One thing I learnt through this task is the colours used in children’s toys. All the colours used are bright and eye catching. This could be linked to children having short attention spans so the companies want to grab their attention and keep it for as long as they can. Through this observation, I will be using bright, bold colours in my project.

I also noticed that the toys themselves are extremely gendered. Most of the girls toys are pink and most of the boys toys are blue. When looking for a picture of a toy kitchen, I discovered that most of them were aimed towards girls due to their pink colouring. In my project, I hope to not associate colours with the gender I aim my project towards.

I also discovered that as children get older, the colours change. For example, toy cars aimed at 3-5 year olds have a completely different colour scheme to those aimed at children aged between 7-10. I have found that darker, more monotone colours are used such as blacks and greys or they use bolder colours. Toddlers/ children aged 4-6 toys have a mixed colour scheme of pastel-ish colours and bold colours whereas older children have monotonous or bold colour schemes. To be honest, I am not sure if it signifies anything but it is something I have picked up on.

As for font, I have noticed that children’s toys mostly contain easy to read fonts. They either go for a serif font or a decorative font. The idea behind this is to grab the attention of their target audience but also make it easy for them to read, especially if a child is still learning to read.

Week 1 (Updated 28.09)

This was our first week back for our Second Year. After Wednesday, which days work you can find here.

On Thursday, the first exercise I worked on was writing about a card. We had to write from two different POV’s, one being the person buying the card and the other being the person receiving the card. Here is what I wrote: (All of my pieces will be bolded.)

As soon as you stepped into the cramped card shop, you were immediately met by stuffy air as the body heat of multiple customers mingled. Rows upon rows, shelves upon shelves held cards for every occasion. Each had their own meaning, not in the sense of ‘happy birthday’ or ‘happy anniversary’ but the sense of how much the buyer cared about the recipient. This ranged from the ‘I care about you a lot’ cards that cost more than £2 and were extravagantly decorated in handcrafted jewels to the ‘who even are you?’ cards that were less than 50p and had very plain, dull designs.

Trying to navigate through the various other customers, a blonde woman came to stand before a row of sympathy cards. She quickly scanned the selection before picking up a 99p ‘With deepest sympathy’ card. Moving quickly towards the till, she walked around the screaming mother and her crying child, banging his tiny fists into the floor. Throwing a pound coin onto the counter top, she left.

The phone rang for what felt like the hundredth time that day, the shrill noise echoing and bouncing off the walls. Dishes of food littered the dining room table, each covered in tin foil from the surrounding neighbours.

The elderly woman watched at her son picked up the phone, running a hand through his greying hair. “Hello?” He sighed.

She turned her head away to look out of the window as city life continued outside of their house. Her eyes scanned each car that drove by.

Her son, who had just put the phone down after another ‘I’m so sorry for your loss’ call, watched his Mother with furrowed brows. “Mum?”

No response.

“She isn’t coming.”

“She will.” Her hoarse voice protested.

Sighing once again, he went to pick up the post from the hallway. They had been bombarded with sympathy cards over the past few days. He had gone into autopilot whilst reading them, each saying the same as the one before.

On top of the doormat lay a single envelope. Picking it up, he quickly broke the seal and pulled it free. The front of the card was white with a lily in the centre, ‘With Deepest Sympathy,’ gracing the top. The middle-aged man, however, didn’t fail to notice the price sticker still on the bottom left hand corner.

“Hope that 99p didn’t break you.” He muttered as he opened the card.

‘So sorry for your loss’ was printed in the middle along with a single name signed underneath it.

Alice x

He felt nauseous as he read his sisters name. She clearly wasn’t coming home.

This exercise helped me get back into writing and used to writing from different perspectives. I enjoyed coming up with the plot and the characters.

The next piece I worked on was a subbing exercise. In this exercise we had to cut down pieces of text to a certain amount of words. I feel that this exercise was really important and helped with my writing. Through this exercise, I was able to identify the crucial pieces of information and rewrite them into something shorter. This will definitely come in handy in my projects.

Here is my first piece: (It is bolded to help distinguish)

‘It’s one of those things that if you made it up, no one would believe you.’

This was the comment from Peter Gadney, of Cyprotours, when he was asked to comment on the story of a man losing his false teeth during a swim in the Mediterranean ocean whilst on holiday in Cyprus.

The holiday maker, postman Dave Jackson from Northamptonshire had his dentures fall out whilst doing the crawl.

His children spent part of their holiday snorkeling in an attempt to find them.

They were, however, unsuccessful and Mr Jackson had to return home without his teeth.

When asked if other Holidaymakers were understanding, he responded with ‘I had to spend the whole week with people making jokes about snapper fish!’

After returning home to Northamptonshire, Mr Jackson completely lost hope of ever reuniting with his teeth until a package arrived at his front door.

Peter Gadney discovered the dentures during a fishing trip after they were caught in his net. After asking at a local bar if they belonged to anyone, he learnt the story of Mr Jackson. Mr Gadney then sent the dentures to Northamptonshirt from Cyprus to the shock and relief of Jackson.

After receiving them Saturday, Mr Jackson said ‘Sunday dinner was the best meal of my life.’

Word count: 213

Here is my second piece:

Corby police officers could not believe their eyes or their noses when they stopped Hannah Mount who was driving erratically on the A6116 which runs through the centre of Corby.

They found that they could not get near the car when she opened the door because of the smell of dogs emanating from it.

It was revealed today that Hannah, who appeared in court today for driving without due care and attention and was fined £150 and had three points on her licence had 36 dogs in her Fiat Punto hatchback car with her.

She was also drinking a takeaway cup of coffee whilst driving.

‘The one thing she wasn’t doing was using a mobile phone.’ Joked policewoman Jane Rathbone after the case.

Hannah, who resides on Wellington Road in Corby, said in court that she had always been a dog lover and didn’t want to leave her pets at home as they tended to howl and disturb the neighbours and she received many complaints.

The magistrate, Peter Kelley urged Mrs Mount to make other arrangements for her pets in the future.

Word count: 181


Our next task was to write about an inanimate object but to write from its point of view. I chose to write about a gun as I felt it was appropriate considering the gun problem currently happening in America. I feel that this piece really helped me as a writer as I was able to see the gun control situation from a different angle.

  • I am a handgun. I am bought every day, most often by a patriotic redneck with bad BO and a superiority complex towards those with different coloured skin. I am hailed as America’s biggest problem. But have they seen their President? They want to control me yet I am innocent. I have never killed anyone. Humans, however, use me. They are the ones that pull the trigger. I do not choose who I am pointed at. I am not the problem, people are. Children mock me in their games, using their hands, as if they were actually taking a life. I am the scapegoat of a deranged mind. I watch it happen every time. I watch lives being taken every day. Whether it be at the end of a revolver or a semi-automatic. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.




We then were given the task to write about the sea in two different genres. I chose to write my pieces in the thriller genre and then a dramatic memoir. For my second piece, I took inspiration from the film The Lost Boys as it features a boardwalk. I visualized the boardwalk in my mind when writing my second piece and tried to replicate the mental image through my writing.

  • The sharp wind ran along the rough sea, each crashing wave more forceful than the former. The night was a dark one, the loud rumble of thunder could be heard every minute, quickly approaching the lone boat on the rough seas. A man stood. Splash! Something had gone overboard. Was it the man in the dripping mac or the deadweight in a body shaped rubbish bag?
  • Warm ripples lapped around the algae covered rocks, the moon creating a soft veil of almost angelic light. Salt lingered in the hot air, resulting in a poignant odour. The calm sea was a stark contrast compared to the lively boardwalk above it. Stars littered the night sky as it reflected off the water. As families bought candy floss and underage teens drank, just several metres below them, the water danced slowly.











In the next piece, we had to take the story of Snow White and write it as a news article, three separate times. Each time, our writing had to get shorter. Whilst I found this exercise difficult, I feel that it pushed me as a writer and gave me more experience in journalism writing.


After a lengthy investigation into who poisoned Snow White, it has been confirmed that she is now awake after being kissed by a man who ‘had a crush on her.’ The two have reportedly decided to get married after Miss White was given a poison apple by her Stepmother who believed that she was a Queen. The Police currently have her in custody and are awaiting trial. It has been reported that the woman treated Snow like a slave and felt immensely threatened by her beauty. It wasn’t until Miss White began living with seven small people did her Stepmother snap and hire a hitman. Unluckily for her, she hired the only hitman with a conscience and turns out he couldn’t do it.

Word Count: 123


Today, we can confirm that Miss Snow White is awake and planning to get married. She was poisoned by her Stepmother when she was living with seven small people as she was jealous of her beauty. Her Stepmother, whose name remains unknown, reportedly tried hiring a hitman however, he was unable to go through with the crime. She is now awaiting trial.

Word count: 62


Woman has been jailed after poisoning stepdaughter with an apple when she lived with seven dwarves. Stepdaughter, Miss White, is ok and plans to marry. Woman hired a hitman to kill Miss White but he couldn’t do it.

Word count: 38

The final piece of work for the week was to write a piece with the heading ‘I have very strong feelings and opinions about…’

I found this piece the most fun to do as I had the ability to choose what topic I wrote about. I found that whilst writing, the words flowed easily and I had no restrictions. As this was a personal piece, I feel that it helped my overall writing as I was able to completely get out my feelings on the subject.

I have very strong feelings and opinions about our society.

The society we live in is full of smoke and mirrors. It isn’t even a British thing, it’s worldwide. Our lives are controlled by power hungry wolves. We are slaves to money. Even those who are placed on a higher pedestal, such as ‘celebrities,’ abuse their power. Every week we learn that a new childhood hero is actually a child molester. Just as every week, a new brain dead, carbon copy ‘reality star’ is shoved down our throats. Whereas doctors, nurses, social workers and NHS workers in general are getting paid peanuts for being the backbone on our everyday lives.

Then, of course, there is the education system. Teaching children things that won’t help them at all during later life. Teach them about the mitochondria being the powerhouse of the cell by all means, but god forbid you teach them how to pay taxes or buy their own house. When teaching them sex education, only tell them about straight people because clearly gays don’t exist. Say you have a zero-bullying policy and then ignore students who cry wolf.

Lastly, the age of social media. Where getting likes on Instagram is more important than having a conversation with someone. Choosing a filter for your selfie is more time consuming than being with the people you care about.

This is what our society is today.



  • Update 25.09: I will upload my other pieces when I get back to college as they are saved on my college drive. Onedrive is currently accessible for some reason both to myself and to other students which makes uploading work difficult.


Evaluation of my work:

Through my opinion piece, I found that writing your personal feelings can create natural similes. I also found that when writing comes from the heart with no filter, it reaches an audience more naturally.

Through the subbing exercises, I learnt more about the importance of editing and how it can completely change the tone of a story. I also learnt about journalism language which has rules that completely contradict those of creative fictional writing. With journalism, you have to get your point across with the least amount of words possible. You can’t use long words as it can lose your readers interest. Whereas with creative writing, detail is encouraged (depending on your writing style) and using longer synonyms or alternatives is also advised.

I also found this as I thought back to one of the books I read over the summer. One that particularly stood out was The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena, the book I finished in less than 24 hours. (Would give it a solid 7/10.)

The book is about a couple whose baby goes missing whilst they are at a dinner party…at first glance. As the story goes on, secrets are revealed and characters true intentions begin to show.

For example, below is a paragraph from the book.

Anne wilts in the heat of the summer night and watches her hostess with narrowed eyes. Cynthia is flirting openly with Anne’s husband, Marco. Why does Anne put up with it? Why does Cynthia’s husband, Graham, allow it? Anne is angry but powerless; she doesn’t know how to put a stop to it without looking pathetic and ridiculous. They are all a little tanked. So she ignores it, quietly seething, and sips at the chilled wine. Anne wasn’t brought up to create a scene, isn’t one to draw attention to herself.

If this scene was written in a journalism format, it could be:

Cynthia flirted with Marco in front of his wife.

To me, differentiating between the two writing styles is something I will work on for my future pieces.


For this project, we are to create an educational piece aimed at children between 4 and 11 years old. In this piece of work, I have written down the different topic ideas that I could base my work on.

Unit 10

Unit Aim: This unit will require the student to develop a more in-depth knowledge and sophisticated understand of a specific creative media production activity and the means by which the audience for that activity might be reached and addressed. The unit provides an opportunity for the student to demonstrate an understanding of audiences for their chosen area of activity and the importance of collaboration and communication with those audiences during engagement with complex problem solving tasks.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the audience for a chosen creative media production activity.
  • Be able to plan and implement a creative media production activity for an identified audience.
  • Be able to use evaluation in support of creative media production for an identified audience.


For this project, we are to create an educational piece aimed at children between 4 and 11 years old. In this piece of work, I have written down the different topic ideas that I could base my work on.




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