This week, writing was the main focus.

I started off by writing down layout ideas for my story, what scenes I wanted to include and a general synopsis.

Story layout ideas FMP

I found that writing down helped a lot as I could visualize my work more clearly and I knew what my end goal was. I had a much better idea of what I wanted my writing style to be and how to achieve it as I had what I wanted to write in front of me.

So far, the writing process has been anything but organized. I have begun writing a scene and then lost direction and started writing another. However, I am finding this better than forcing myself to write a scene I don’t know where to take yet.

FMP Scenes

At the moment, I am only writing the backbone of the story, very few of the scenes are finished. Once I am done laying out the plot, I will go back and add to it, finish the scenes and then craft them together.

I am exploring a new format and genre of writing through this project and I feel I am constantly learning because of it.

I feel that this is a huge step for me as a writer as I’m out of my comfort zone and I have to write in a way I am not used to. I am not only writing for myself but for JonBenet and I keep that in my foresight constantly.