This week, I focused solely on my research.

I completed my secondary research however I expect to discover a lot more when I start writing. Altogether, I have collected reliable facts from multiple sources across all formats including, websites, official medical reports, documentaries and books.

Research fmp (3)

I found the research to be a really thought-provoking process as so many different sources were saying such contrasting things. The statements that weren’t professionally confirmed, I took with a pinch of salt. Whilst I am going to keep them in mind when writing, I will only include the known facts as the backbone for my writing and then use my imagination for the rest.

I feel that through this process, I have become more aware of what sources are credible. I have also explored the parts played in the crime by separating the facts into profiles by relevancy.

I am still working on my primary research; however, I am finding it difficult as I am not able to get enough participants to complete my survey. I plan to gather answers manually though which will increase the number of participants.

Next week, I plan on working on my primary research and writing.