This week, I focused mainly on one thing. Research.

I started out by making bullet points on the case such as Suspects, Evidence, Investigation etc to establish the facts and would help create a timeline in the future.

I would then write down different statements I had established through various sources and then find more sources to back them up.

For example:

‘JonBenet was found dead by her Father in the cellar of her home.’

With this statement, I would then find different reliable sources backing them up and Harvard reference them.

Research fmp

This process so far has definitely been very time consuming and I’ve had to search through countless articles, not to mention the documentaries and books.

However, I feel that I have become better at researching now as I am better at skimming out the necessary information and finding reliable sources.

As I am writing a factual fiction piece, I am only taking the information I need from the research by filtering through it before writing it down. This way, it will be easier when writing my piece as the facts will be easier to navigate.

Although, I am concerned about the time management aspect as it took me days to acquire some basic research with several sources to each fact. I will be working extra hard to ensure that I have all the research I need to start my writing.

All sources for my research will be listed in the research document above.