This week, we focused on our Final Presentations to present. Below is the final version of my Presentation.

FMP pitch presentation

This final version has differed greatly from the original piece. I have expanded more on my target audience and have narrowed it down to British women between the ages of 18 to 40.

Originally, my target audience was a lot wider. It was only aimed at people over the age of 18 with no regard to gender or nationality. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realised who I was aiming my work at.

I have also greatly expanded on the evaluation process, talking about what I would do at the end of the project to see if I had achieved what I set out to do. I will also be looking at how my message would’ve differed if I had chosen a different format for my project, had I maintained a fair amount of bias when writing etc.

Through the process of creating my Pitch, I feel that my production skills have increased. Before, I wasn’t very confident when it came to the actual production whereas now, I feel more able to produce this work of a higher quality.

I am still not as confident in this process than I am compared to the actual creative writing process but I am feel I am definitely getting better.

I feel that, over time, as I get better with this, my overall work quality will get better.

I took inspiration from this website for my pitch. 

Summarize all of the information before you present it, and use this opportunity to get your audience interested in your company. (Bill Clark, 2011. 10 Things to Include in your Startup Pitch Presentation. Last accessed: 13.05.17)

I took the quote above when creating my pitch and used it as inspiration. My Final Pitch gives a basic outline of my project at the beginning before going into detail further into the presentation.

I also took a quote from this website.

She aims to pique readers’ interest by crafting her opening pitch line as she would a click-worthy headline. (Joanne Cleaver, 2015. 3 Steps to the Perfect 3-Minute Pitch. Last accessed: 13.05.17)

I took this into consideration and ended up using this advice. In my Presentation, the second slide is a synopsis to capture the audiences attention. I feel this really worked with my project topic.

I hope to continue working on my production skills as they will definitely be useful in the future and make all the difference when creating.