This week, I had one main focus which was to work on my Booklet on InDesign. Currently, I am unable to upload it as it, for some reason, is not on my Onedrive so it must be on my T-drive.

Once I have uploaded it, I will be able to write more.

During this week, I discovered that InDesign is much more difficult than I once presumed. I mean, I thought Photoshop was complicated but it’s a piece of cake compared to InDesign.

I focused on setting up the main core of my booklet by designing the layouts and inserting the text. I wanted to put the content in first before I got to the aesthetic of the piece.

I did use this website, however, for inspiration. (Unknown author, unknown date. Last accessed: 11.03.17) When I get to the actual look of my project, I will definitely be using these techniques as they look really professional.

More will be written once I have uploaded my work so far.