This week, we continued writing our stories for our project. I continued writing my piece on the shooting range. I wrote a piece on the 999 call made by the characters friend.

Working on this piece was a challenge as I find writing main dialogue in a script format to be quite difficult. Having to express a characters emotions purely through their words proved to be rather interesting. I had the main idea of the phone call and just wrote what I thought was most appropriate. Afterwards, I went back and edited several times before I was happy. However, even now, I find it likely that I will go back and re-edit as my ideas grow.

Operator: This is 999, what emergency service do you require?
Lincoln: Police
*Dial tone*
Operator: This is Kent police, how can I help?
Lincoln: Hi…um, I don’t really know what to say but I think my friends are planning something bad.
Operator: Ok, could you tell me what you think they’re planning?
Lincoln: I don’t know but they keep saying they’re gonna set bombs off at my school. They say they’re gonna get revenge on everyone.
Operator: What is your name?
Lincoln: Kara Lincoln
Operator: And what school do you go to?
Lincoln: Towers School in Kennington, Ashford.
Operator: And what are the names of your classmates?
Lincoln: Harry Kemp and Alex Mitchell. Please, they keep talking about it. i think they’re gonna do something soon. I thought it was a joke at first but it’s getting serious.
Operator: We will, Ma’am. Have they physically done anything?
Lincoln: They’ve been getting into fights for years. They get bullied a lot, always have been. But its nothing more than usual. Well, last week, the guys that usually bully them stuck their heads down the toilet and flushed it. They also sprayed them with ketchup and threw them into the lockers.
Operator: Ok and what are the names of the boys that are bullying them.
Lincoln: [REDACTED] *Beep noise*

I will insert the recording for this at a later date. I enjoyed writing this piece as I got to work on my script writing/dialogue skills. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to write with this piece and I feel that I have put across the emotion I wanted.

After this piece, I worked on an interrogation log.

The following is a transcript released by Kent Police after the trial of Mitchell and Kemp. This shows the first interview police has with Mitchell.
Tape starts.
Parson: This is DCI Parson with DI Ennis. It is 1100 hours on Wednesday, April 17th 2002. Present is suspect is Alex Jacob Mitchell with his lawyer, Hugh Brent. Suspect stands accused of planning assault with a deadly weapon, planned murder and owning firearms. Interview begins now.
Ennis: Mr Mitchell, do you know why you are here today?
Mitchell: You just said so for your little tape recorder. You think I’m gonna kill someone.
Parson: Mr Mitchell, we have strong evidence suggesting that you and your associate, Harry Lee Kemp, are planning to launch an attack on your school, Towers School in Kennington.
Brent: (Scoffs) What is this so called evidence, Detective?
Parson: We have received information from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.
Brent: That’s all you have? An anonymous source? (Scoffs) That isn’t even enough to keep him over night.
Ennis: True. However, we received this call last week and of course, as it is our job, we had to investigate these claims. We found several videos of your client, Mr Mitchell and Mr Kemp, buying a collection of large knives and blades through CCTV. We also have footage of you buying the ingredients needed to make up to 10 pipe bombs. We also have a witness statement saying that they sold Mr Mitchell and Mr Kemp, two shotguns. The seller was told they were for hunting and that both of the suspects had ID claiming they were over 21. If you put that with the phone call we received, that is enough for a warrant to search your home. Our other officers are there right now.
Mitchell: (Scrape of chair can be heard) What the fuck?! They aren’t allowed to do that!
Ennis: Yes we are, Mr Mitchell. That’s how the law works.
(A loud scuffle is heard with unintelligible shouting. Chairs scraping can be heard as well as loud banging.)
Parson: Detain him now!

(The rest of this interview has never been released to the public. DCI Parson claims ‘Our suspect, Mr Alex Mitchell, was detained during his interview after assaulting an officer. DI Ennis was attacked by the subject and has sustained a broken nose and bruised collarbone. Searching the suspects house, we found several firearms, multiple bombs and an arsenal of knives collectively. Both suspects have been arrested.’)

I really enjoyed working on this topic as it was really interesting and fun as there were so many different turns I could take my work. I learnt a lot more in regards to genre conventions as I didn’t want to fall victim to any of the classic tropes. I went through this piece several times, changing the sentence structure through syntax and really thinking about portraying this characters through my writing in the same way I see them in my head.

Most crime pieces focus on the Detective and their journey to solving the case. However, my piece focuses on the perpetrators themselves.

For example, The Redbreast by Jo Nesbitt focuses on the Detective and his character. The story is seen from his point of view.

With my story, I wanted to show the suspects/criminals from an unbiased view. Obviously, Detectives always have a biased view of the criminals they catch. But we don’t hear much from their families and the positive things the would have to say. I wanted to write right in the middle.

I also wanted people to visualize the interrogation room and tone of voice they spoke in. I want people to really connect with this story. I feel that if your reader can really see the scene written in front of them, then you have done your job as a creative. I can only hope to have that affect on my readers.

We worked more on Audio this week as well, I recorded the 999 call using two classmates and also recorded an interview with a classmate. Both will be uploaded once I have finished editing it.


The Redbreast – Jo Nesbitt