What is Prevent?

Prevent is a strategy to prevent people from being radicalised by extremist groups.

How do people become radicalised?

Most people that are radicalised are those of a minority. They become groomed and manipulated until their beliefs mirror those of the extremists.

What are the signs that someone is becoming radicalised?

If someone is being radicalised, they could become distant and withdrawn as well as agitated. They could become more interest in violence and ‘justice.’

Who can help if you think someone is being radicalised? 

If you believe that someone is being radicalised, you can tell a teacher at your school or college. You could tell an adult you trust to help as well.

How can you, as a creative, make a difference?

With this issue, I would like to create a piece to make people more aware and sympathetic towards this topic. It is very important in this day and age for people to be aware of what can happen to vulnerable people.