Were you satisfied with the answers you got?

Yes, I was very satisfied with the answers I received as they were detailed and interesting. The answers I received were not short and final, they told stories.


Did you stick to your approach?

I did stick with my initial approach and sat down with my interviewee to ask them questions in a friendly, informal manner.


When you asked questions, were you easy to understand?

After reviewing the audio of my interview, I believe I was easy to understand. I also asked my interviewee afterwards and they said I was easy to understand and spoke clearly.


Did your body language (including eye contact) make your interviewees want to talk? How did you go about that?

I made a conscious effort to keep eye contact however my interviewee mostly looked at the floor. However, I made my body language open to make them feel more comfortable.


Conduct and professionalism- did you know what you were talking about? Did you act professional?

Throughout the interview, I tried to sound confident and come across as professional. Whilst the interview conducted was quite informal, it was still conducted with professionalism.


Did you come across any particular difficulties?

I found the most difficult part of the interview to be finding somewhere quiet to film and making sure we could be heard on the recording. Next time, I would definitely book a room in advance or use one of the quiet rooms in the library.


What would you do differently next time?

I would add a lot more in-depth questions as well as also using better quality recording equipment as this time, I had to use my phone.


My strengths:

I believe that I had good body language and made my interviewee more comfortable.


My weaknesses:

One of my weaknesses was my  ability to record in high quality. Using my phone, we had to record twice as the first take was inaudible.


What went well:

The interview itself went well in my opinion. The questions were relevant and easy to understand.

What needs to be improved:

For future interviews, I aim to be more organized with the location/time etc as on this interview, it was difficult to keep track of time whilst finding somewhere suitable to record.


(Audio of interview will be uploaded at a later date)