This week, we started by choosing a short video clip and creating the sounds for it. We were given microphones and told to create the noises however we wanted. I personally found this really fun as we had to really think about the sounds we heard everyday without even thinking about them.

I was able to improve my skills regarding microphones and found out the best way to hold them, what distance to hold them etc.

After this, we had to upload the sounds and edit them into the muted clip. This was both difficult and interesting. Trying to insert and edit the clips to make them fit was really difficult and frustrating but I enjoyed being able to choose the sounds and use sounds that wouldn’t be used normally.

We also created our sound banks. We were told to collect 5 examples of fire, footsteps, wind etc. Once we had collected these, we uploaded them and saved them to a sound bank to use for future projects.

I think my editing skills have improved due to the tasks given and whilst I do find editing hard, I am starting to become more comfortable with it and enjoy it more.