This week, we did several pieces of work.

Our first task was to create a mindmap on ourselves. We wrote about what we liked, didn’t like, what we were scared of etc. This was interesting as we had to really think about ourselves. In everyday life, we think we know what to put for what we like/dislike however when it actually came down to sitting in front of the computer and writing, I found it quite difficult.

Then, we started on our career action plan which was very difficult. Having to write down what you want was hard. I thought that I knew what I was going to do after college but having it right in front of me opened my eyes.

Our next piece of work was to do a mind map on the different industries in media.

Afterwards, we had to write about the different job roles in each sector of the industry. I think my research skills improved as I had to fully look into the different jobs and write about them. I also think my time management skills have improved as we had several pieces of work to do and finish in a limited time.